Doctor Who: Knock, Knock

Since I first saw the list of episodes for this season, this one, “Knock Knock”, stood out in particular – the writer, Mike Bartlett, is new to Who and I have not seen any of his prior work, and the return to a horror-based episode meshes beautifully with my own particular preferences. Combine this with the intriguing “biaural surround sound” option being packaged with the … Continue reading Doctor Who: Knock, Knock

Sudden Double Deep

In an earlier review, I commented that some film podcasts are successful because they successfully utilise a Unique Selling Point that helps them stand out from their competitors. The “Sudden Double Deep” crew are the apotheosis of that, as they nail their interesting premise brilliantly week after week. The premise is simple enough, actually – taking the well-worn film lover’s concept of “triple bills”, but … Continue reading Sudden Double Deep

Chris Haigh on…Thunderstorms

So… thunderstorms. I’ve always had a weird and wonderful fascination with thunderstorms. As a kid, I knew a lot of people who were scared to death of them – friends of mine who admitted that they slept with the lights on when there was a raging storm outside. For good reason: storms can be scary. There’s no reasoning with a natural phenomena; it doesn’t care … Continue reading Chris Haigh on…Thunderstorms

Six of the Best Children’s Shows: Stacey Taylor Edition

“Do a Six Of The Best article”, they said. “It’ll be easy and fun”, they said. Five days later and I’m staring at a list of 28 amazing TV shows, crying and sniffling as I simultaneously fret about whittling it down to just six and fear that I’ve missed something brilliant. As such, I ought to let you know upfront that due to my astonishing … Continue reading Six of the Best Children’s Shows: Stacey Taylor Edition